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Okay here I tell you my current life,


I graduated from my university in Singapore in early 2014 with no idea what I must do for my own living.

I wanted to work at retail company in Jakarta and thought that it would be fun, because I love shopping a lot.

2015 – I worked at Gilang Agung Persada as Merchandiser for Superdry Watches. However, I met some of kind colleagues that we’re still friends until now. So glad that I met them! I worked there for 3 months because I know I’m not a type of person that can work 9-5.

2015 – I quit my job and wanted to continue my study in China, however there was a family problem so I chose to stay in Jakarta and started my own business.

2015 – I started my very first business with my friend called Blooming and Co, which sells a bouquet of flowers.

2015 – Thought that I could do anything, I started the other decoration business called Papero Decor.

2015 – However, I always kept in mind that I wanna do something that relates with fashion so I learned a lot from books, internet and some people about how to start a fashion label.

2016 – I decided to focus in one which is my brand POSH THE LABEL – for me, its impossible to start my own brand with two side jobs. And oh! I have my own blog which is my source of income too :p


Okay enough for the intro, I will share my career journey in another post (if you want to hear) next time. Here I am now, 24 year-old and financially independent (Im not trying to be arrogant but I worked my ass off for this, financially independent means I don’t ask my dad anymore for allowance, even though I’m still living in a house with my family now – but at least I can pay my own daily needs and credit card bills)

My current source of income is from my own brand and IG/Blog sponsorship. I know that my brand is not that big nor the best local brand, and I am not the most successful young entrepreneur but I just wanna share with you with this post about pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. Kindly think positively okay 😉 Some of my friends always complain that they want to have their own business rather than working in a company but I think there are still some cons that you should consider if you want to start your own business. Start with the advantages first,



1. FREEDOM. I can work whenever, wherever I want. If I feel like I don’t wanna work in one day – that’s totally okay. However usually, I always feel so useless if I don’t do anything in one day. I really love what I’m doing so I don’t really consider my works as a torture for me. I love being creative, taking photos, being a stylist which is related to my job.


2. I’m always excited after I designed something for my brand – especially when my customers said that they really loved my products, you know its more like self-satisfaction. I’m also so happy if I talk with someone new that they already know about my brand. OMG so proud and happy 😉 because I feel like I’m the one that build this brand by myself and no one can ever feel this way regarding this brand except myself. (that’s not good though, I know I should build a proper team as soon as possible)


3. When I work harder, the result is for me, not for someone else. In other words, my salary based on my efforts for my business. So when I put extra efforts for my works, I know its for me and my own business – not for someone else. Hard work really paid off.


4. I can arrange my holiday whenever I want. I don’t need to worry about how many leave left in one year hehe ;P I’m always trying to be kind to myself. I always said that I need a reward to get refreshed. Traveling sometimes gives you a whole new fresh idea instead of just waste of money. I respect traveling a lot. On the other side, I bought myself a bag sometimes as a reward – which I kinda regret now because this year all I want is just expanding my business.


5. I met a lot of people that inspire me a lot. I’m always get inspired with people with hard work and passion. Working in my current job allows me to meet a lot of people that become my inspiration. I’m not saying that everyone in fashion industry are nice but there are some nice people exist ya know. Some people that appreciate what I do and who I am, it means a lot to me to get through my hard times, because I think that working as entrepreneur and influencer (if you think i am) requires me to have a lot lot lot of confidence. Although sometimes all I want is just stay at my comfort zone, but I always say to myself that nothing’s gonna ever happen from your comfort zone. My tips when you meet other people that you’re not comfortable with is just be confident and think that everyone doesn’t really know what they’re doing. I always feel like everyone is sort of faking it until they make it. So you have to do that too.




1. Dealing with human. Dealing with people can be the worst nightmare ever. I currently have 4 people that work with me. Different person, different story and different needs. I have to handle their own needs which sometimes I thought thats not make sense. However, thats the problem when you have people that work for you. To be honest, I’ve hired someone that stole my bag, makeup, clothes and even my books (no lies) and even someone that owe me some money then she quitted the job then yaaaa she forgot her debt. (crying)


2. Not every customer/client that I work with is nice. There’s someone that said bad words to my customer service, even though we’ve already said sorry for our mistakes, but my friends told me that I have to get used to it if I want to sell something to customers. You can’t control someone’s behavior right. There’s also someone that asked me many things and didn’t even say thank you at all after I posted their product for FREE on Instagram. They even complained that the photo was too dark. I’m the type of person that can’t be mad at someone and say it to their face directly, I was just thinking how could someone be so ungrateful for things that I’ve done for them?


I have my own brand also accept sponsorship on my social media so I can see two sides of this industry. I’ve never blamed someone that I paid for endorsement if after they posted a photo, there was no sales or impact for my brand, even though I’ve paid them in large amount. I know that we as the brand owner, cannot rely our sales based on endorsement. There are a lot of other things that should be considered such as branding, marketing strategy and how we interact customer with our products. Its very sad to hear that my friend once told me that there’s an online store said to her if she has no impact at all for endorsement. You must know that someone has to put so much efforts to take a photo on Instagram with your products. Makeup and dress up are sometimes tiring fyi. You have to at least appreciate that.


3. LONELINESS. I’m an extrovert. I don’t like being alone. Being a single entrepreneur means that you have to work alone sometimes. There’s no one to talk to if you want to share about your business problem. Recently I become more needy, especially with my boyfriend (that cause our fight too lol) because as you grow older, your friends become so busy with their own business, so the only person that you can rely on is your bf right lol. I have to encourage my own self to be always creative and come up with ideas for my business. I usually read motivation books, blogs or pinterest to get new inspiration. Reading does help me a lot.


4. During my first 6 month of my business, cash flow was really sucks. More over, I have a stockist at Department Store that will pay you after one month after the settlement, while the other side, you have to pay your employees and buy fabrics for the next project. I didn’t want to bother my dad again about the financial things. Then I decided to ask a help from my bf – thanks my business saver lol. I even thought to go back to be an employee to get more money for my business at that time but God really helped me to get through that situation so I can have better cash flow nowadays.


5. Being an entrepreneur means you can work wherever you want including your favorite coffee shop that makes you spend more money than usual. My credit card bills for Starbucks is higher than my shopping budget for clothes lol. Therefore, I choose to work from home nowadays. The biggest challenge is you have to control your own finance – and I’m not good at this.
6. When your sales drop or your business isnt working well – Oh God I can’t sleep at night! Hahaha I usually think what am I gonna do tomorrow to boost the sales again. I always remember some words from book that I read – every single day, take a step forward into making your goals, whether its something small or big, at least you do.
Thats enough for my random thought that turns into a blog post. To be honest, I’m not really comfortable writing because I know I’m not a pro but I’m just trying to share. There are so many things that I have to improve for myself and my business. Wish me luck! If you’re reading this – please leave me a message on instagram or email, really want to know your response or even your story like pros and cons of being an entrepreneur or employee? Till next post xx

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  • Reply
    Carissa Vicky
    September 6, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    Hahahaha! I definitely can relate with many of the cons :’3 #entrepreneurlyfe

    • Reply
      November 14, 2017 at 11:33 am

      HAHAHAHA yes!! fighting 😉

  • Reply
    Lasmarya Hadi Purwanto
    October 14, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Hi, Pamela! 🙂
    I’ve been following your instagram and reading your blog for quite a while now.
    I enjoy reading it so much, especially the blog entries from “Personal Life” category 😀
    I am 24 years old too, and an entrepreneur myself (I run an English private tuition with a friend), and I can totally relate to you. There’s like no limit of working hours, as we have to keep thinking of ways to run the business, and try to make some improvements, even after we get home from work. Not to mention the responsibility to deal with parents (in my case). 🙁 But luckily, I have a partner to brainstorm with, to discuss and to share the burden. But you managed to do everything by yourself! You’re really awesome! Keep rocking! 🙂

    • Reply
      November 14, 2017 at 11:34 am

      Hello there! Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes sometimes I find it hard to keep myself motivated and must have limitless creativity. Good luck for your business anw! 😉

  • Reply
    October 19, 2017 at 5:15 am

    Hi Pamela, I find your article about the pros and cons being an entrepreneur. It’s really inspiring.
    I have a question.
    When you start your own clothing line, do you take a fashion course or sewing lesson?
    I appreciate if you reply my message.

    Thank you very much xo

    • Reply
      November 14, 2017 at 11:36 am

      Hi there! Thank you so much for your kind words! I didn’t take any fashion course or sewing lesson before, I just learned by myself through online researches and some books! Hehe.

    Leave a Reply