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Post Cards From Hong Kong Disneyland

Hi! Its me back with a story about my last summet trip in Hong Kong. I had no plan to go to Disneyland while I was arranging my lists in Hong Kong. Tapi pas lagi sampe di sana, I just found out kalau mereka ad bbrp mainan baru dr Marvel yg sblmnya aku blm pernah liat. So I booked our tickets from Traveloka, yg harganya jauh lebih murah drpd on the spot. Per person itu jatohnya sekitar IDR800k, kalau on the spot harganya bisa 1jt lebih per person. Lumayan kan πŸ˜‰

We went there using MTR service, nanti pas selesai transit dr Sunny Bay station, MTR trainnya bakal jadi kyk gini so gemas 😍

This is my first time using MTR to go to Disneyland, last time I went there – I took a taxi which I thought it would be better to take MTR since its cheaper. 

And yes we finally arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland! For Marvel lovers, you can find new attraction such as Iron Man Experience. It took us more than an hour to finally ride the attraction. While queuing, you can expect to see these kind of things which are really cool 😍

And the must-ride attraction goes to HYPERSPACE MOUNTAIN!

We stayed there till night to watch the night parade and fireworks.

Hope to see you again, my happiest place on earth πŸ˜‰

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