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Seoul Part 1 – Hongdae

Hi! Happy new year! 😉

I know it sounds a bit late but finally have times and efforts to write this post hehe. Last December was such a joy, Thanks to God that I spent 9 days in Seoul with my best friends and 9 days in Sapporo with my family. Couldn’t ask for better way to start 2018 🙂

This post is about my trip to Seoul part 1. There will be next few parts awaiting after this. Stay tuned!




I booked a room from Airbnb.com in Hongdae area. I’ve been to Seoul before but with a group of tour so all I know about Seoul is just MyeongDong HAHA. However, there was many suggestions to pick Hongdae so my friends and I chose to stay in Hongdae. That was my first time to book airbnb and I’m so satisfied with our room. You can see our room here. The room was better than I expected, clean and the location was great! Its located above Hongik Univ station (exit 1 and 2) so we can easily take subway from there. There were so many restaurants, cafes and stores around Hongdae so I really recommend to stay around this area if you wanna visit Seoul :p



For internet connections, we rent portable wi-fi from Passpod Indonesia, the connection was pretty good and usually you can get another portable wifi too from your airbnb host. I used this portable wifi during my trip to Sapporo too.



Seriously, if you wanna spend winter in Korea, you better prepare your hot packs and winter coats hahaha. The weather was so colddddd, the wind was crazy especially during the night. The weather during my stay was about -8 to -13C.



As I mention above, there are so many good foods around Hongdae and these 3 are my favorites.

  1. Yoogane Dalkgalbi Hongdae 1-ho  – Please try Yoogane at least once when you’re in Seoul. Better than Jakarta’s and Singapore’s ;P
  2. Hongdae Alley Fried Chicken – What’s better than chicken and beer during winter? We also tried the peach soju which tastes so good! So perfect if you don’t like the taste of the original one.
  3. Korean BBQ – So sorry that I forgot the name of this restaurant but it was good ;p basically all korean bbq in Seoul are pretty good. I never complain about korean bbq during my stay in Seoul as I really love korean foods hahaha. (the best way to choose bbq restaurant – cari aja yg rame lol)

Till the next part!




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