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Seoul Part 3 – DDP, Fish Market, Gangnam and Nami Island


Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

You may be familiar with this place as there are a lot of people posting this place on Instagram. You can easily go here with subway (use google maps). There are many instagrammable spots where you can take a lot of ootd pictures :p If I went there during summer, I would take a lot of pictures with different outfits HAHAA. Unfortunately, that day when we went there, the weather was so extremely cold, I even couldn’t stand outside more than 30 mins lol. There were also many cute things such as bags, stationary from Korean local brands. For those of you who love art, will definitely love this place.

Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market

What’s better than sashimi and peach soju during winter?! so so perfectttt hahaha. We went there using taxi as we didn’t want to be too late for dinner. This place is one of must-visit place in Seoul, where you can choose your fresh seafoods at the first floor and bring your choices to the second floor, as there are many restaurants that can help you to serve the seafoods (that you buy from the first floor) with some sauces and of course soju. I really love sashimi so this place is one of my favorite in Seoul. However, my friend who doesn’t love sashimi said she would never come back HAHAHA. Oh they sell LIVE OCTOPUS too! Its my first time trying live octopus and it tastes not too bad. Hmm I still prefer salmon sashimi or oyster though.

Gangnam District

Its one of most famous district in Seoul where you can find a lot of beautiful cafes, restaurants and retail stores there. We went to the famous Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and I honestly love their coffee and breads. If you’re a croissant lover, you just have to visit this place. We had Nolboo as our dinner and their budaejjigae is so freakin delicious (must try!!)

Nami Island

Ok going to Nami Island during winter could be a bad idea hahaha as the weather is extremely cold and the wind is so freakin crazy. However, there are a lot of beautiful views there that can be your withdrawal. We went to Nami Island using subway and then continue our trip using taxi to go to the ticket station. You can buy the ticket on the spot and it costs KRW8,000 which include the entrance fee, and two-way ferry ride. Just prepare your thickest coat if you wanna go there :p we ate korean bbq there which was pretty good, recommended for your lunch or dinner when you go to Nami.

Ok that sums up my trip to Seoul and will continue my travel post with my trip to Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan! 🙂

You can see my part one and two of Seoul here.



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