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TehBotol Sosro Tawar

After almost one year working from home, I made it (my business) to have a proper office. So here I am now, working with my small team in my small office with the biggest hope that my little team will grow bigger and better here.


During my office hour, I always search for something refreshing or snacks. I usually come up with a cup of tea or coffee. However, sometimes I’m too lazy to make my own tea or coffee, it takes a lot of time huh?


Recently, I just found out that TehBotol Sosro finally has their unsweetened product which is TehBotol Sosro Tawar. It’s one of kind drinks that I need during my office hour as its refreshing and simple, even I can bring it anywhere to a meeting/event. I can give my clients/vendors to have this drink too! The most important thing, it is unsweetened (it doesn’t contain any sweetened at all) and pure because I pay more attention to my healthy lifestyle nowadays. I can even have this drink before my gym-routine too! #guetawar



You can find out more about TehBotol Sosro Tawar from their social media:

Facebook: Tehbotol Sosro

Twitter: @TehBotolSosroID

Instagram: @TehBotolSosroID

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